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Caterpillar aI am sad to announce that Drackmere's wife IRL passed away this morning after a long fight with cancer. I would like, at minimum, to pull together some flowers for the service on behalf of the guild. I will post more information here as it becomes available; please contact me directly if you would like to join IOOM in some expression of support.
Faded a  thank you for doing this Cat.
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Stepping Aside

Caterpillar aa posted Aug 10, 14
IOOM 1.0 Raiding


For the past couple of years, I’ve been acting as "interim” GM of the original guild on Runetotem, where <Is Out of Mana> was founded. I’ve also stayed on as a custodian of sorts for <Needs More Rage>, our just-for-fun Horde guild that was formed on the Malfurion server just before the server transfer occurred.

I’ve decided that new leadership is in order for both guilds. I am not retiring from WoW at this time, but feel that both guilds are falling into inactivity and disrepair under my management. I’ve invested what time and treasure I can into breathing vibrancy into the Runetotem guild in particular, in the hopes of at least making a nice home for the IOOM players who chose not to transfer to Whisperwind.

I don’t feel my effort has been particularly successful. IOOM Runetotem is stagnant save for a few casual players. NMR - well, Ysulde had to call me the other day to let me know that I'd been away for so long that the game was offering the GM position to anyone who happened to show up. Not a good sign.

More and more, I feel as though the game has changed so dramatically that some of what we had to offer at our inception is no longer a draw for players. IOOM offered players a low-stress, low-commitment, social raiding environment at a time when that was a true rarity. At a time when DKP and related systems were prevalent among raiding guilds, we conducted a grand experiment in goodwill and trust – one that generally worked, if imperfectly. Players who were learning to play the game had a safe environment to try new things and learn. I protected these ideals fiercely.

At the end of my first run as GM of the guild, our raiding team had outgrown my simplistic scheme for running things, and were beginning to ask for something more. At the time, I had a hard time really hearing what these people were saying. I can’t help but think that my departure was good news for our regular raiders, allowing them to make the changes that I had been either too obstinate or afraid to implement. Also: fewer wipes related to misapplication of Holy Nova. There was no ticker-tape parade on my behalf when I returned. :)

Players today no longer need to be supported - or encumbered - by a social or raiding guild to see end-game content. The ability to reassign loot after it's been distributed has been virtually eliminated the heartache that would spring up whenever loot was accidentally - but permanently - assigned to the wrong adventurers. Some of what made IOOM uniquely able to attract new players when it was a small, growing guild has lost all relevance in the present day.

Changes. I am slowly learning that they are not only normal, but essential to growth. Andolen has been unafraid to make big changes in his efforts to keep the guild vibrant and relevant in an ever-changing game environment, and for that he will always have my respect.

It feels still feels sad and strange to see the original guild family split between the two servers.

A single observation from the former "spiritual leader” (ha ha) of the guild:

At the very heart of IOOM, there has always been a single idea that transcends all the minutia: be kind and gracious to one another.

I still get this one wrong all the time. I lost a guildmate and strained a relationship with a friend just a couple of months ago because I forgot. I’m always trying, though. Learning, too, I think.

Too many good people - players that were instrumental in IOOM's early successes - have fallen by the wayside due to a failure to invest in this idea. It cannot be a passive thing. It’s hard work. It’s active. It requires reaching out to other people, not turning away, when things get rough or uncomfortable. It requires speaking clearly and listening attentively. I challenge you all – players and guild leadership alike – to change the dynamic. Support one another. Be empathetic by default. Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Care enough to fix what’s broken instead of throwing it away.

Your strength and uniqueness, IOOM, lies therein.

My experience leading IOOM Runetotem has been characterized by this bizarre reality: friends and former guildmates who will not play in groups together, and who won't even engage one another beyond terse formalities. It's hard not to wish for better for (and from) the people who fly the IOOM flag. 

Alrighty. (Caterpillar takes a deep breath!) Having said all that -

Be well, y'all. I'll still be around in a non-leadership capacity, God willing. And for the love of Pete, have fun. Kill many things.

/thumps chest, flashes upside-down peace sign

Respect always,

Jason (Cat)

P.S. - Ah, yes, resigning as GM of IOOM Runetotem / NMR Malfurion. If you're interested in either job, please contact me via telepathy, carrier pigeon, in-game mail or a PM here at the website. In the event that no one comes forward, I will be handing off control of the guild to one of my daughter's hamsters. ;)

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Have had a lot of fun running with you guys over the past couple of days. :sick: Thanks for having me along!
I'll be in for that! I have a tank and healer on another server, but I've put my bnet tag in the membership & recruitment thread if you'd like to add me :sick:
Strygar and I run Dungeons and LFT quite a bit if anyone wants to join us (after 10 est). We're both DPS, cause I suck at healing!
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